Saturday, January 5, 2013

[FACEBOOK] 01.05.2013 UPDATE

王心凌Cyndi Wang: 謝謝昨晚最棒的凌寶們,我知道有人凌晨三點就來排隊,有人喊到喉嚨啞了,大家在冷風裡站了一下午,晚上還是那麼有活力,給了我滿滿的支持和溫暖。

English Translation: Thank you for last night best Cyndi babies. I know there were people who lined up as early as 3am, who yelled so loud until voices turned hoarse and stood in the cold afternoon, nevertheless you were still energetic come the evening just to give me a full and warm support. These two days have been very long for me, I am very busy and very tired. I know there are a lot of different voices and different opinions. Like what I said last night, in a relationship, I could lose everything. But the experience last night made me realize that even if other people do not understand me, at least I have you. Even if the place only has a thousand people, I will still continue to go for your sake.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Yao Yuan Hao and Cyndi Wang rekindles romance

Yao Yuan Hao and Cyndi Wang rekindles romance

The pair was photographed enjoying a sweet moment at the Taiwanese songstress’s apartment on New Year’s Eve

Taiwanese actor Yao Yuan Hao finally confessed his relationship with singer Cyndi Wang after their intimate photos surfaced recently.

Yuan Hao arrived at Cyndi’s apartment on New Year’s Eve, and was photographed giving Cyndi an intimate back hug, while the latter leaned lovingly on his chest. 

Since last month, the duo was spotted together on different occasions and the 31-year-old actor also visited Cyndi’s apartment several times. The pair initially denied all dating rumours and commented “it was impossible for them to rekindle their relationship”.

However, Yuan Hao admitted to their relationship when he found out they were “caught red-handed” on New Year’s Eve. He expressed via his manager, “We bumped into each other again early last month and started dating since then.”

The couple briefly dated in mid-2011 and the Taiwanese singer-actress was widely speculated as the third party when Yuan Hao announced his break up from model, Sonia Sui in February last year. Cyndi held a press conference then and tearfully refuted these rumours.


Blogger's note: I could see this coming. When I heard the song "Willful Lover" which Cyndi composed, I could feel that it was for YYH. However, I felt appalled right after hearing this news because mid 2012, I saw how Cyndi cried and denied rumors about YYH. I thought she ended her relationship with him as he was not courageous enough to save her from the spotlight. Now I felt everything was just a scheme to conceal the real score between them. Cyndi is really a "Willful Lover". I just wish her happiness although it saddens me that she is not true to her words (not sure though) but I completely understand. Hello to the world of entertainment. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

[WEIBO] 01.01.2013 UPDATE

@CyndiWang: Hehe! Happy new year ~!!! How did you spend the changing of year last night?! Is there hot blood journey?! Being together with friends and family is really a beautiful and delightful thing! Next, let us look forward to a beautiful 2013 with full of energy!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

[WEIBO] 12.30.2012 UPDATE

@CyndiWang: Keke... It's Also Good to Forget Me MV忘了我也不错MV

[WEIBO] 12.30.2012

@CyndiWang: The hotel is very thoughtful, tonight my companion is a mouse! Also, my name is embroided exclusively on the towel~So sweet!! Chengdu Cyndi babies, we are close to getting in touch with, "Love or Not" album signing arrives! At 12:00 noon, see you at Chengdu Jinnian Plaza! Have a good sleep to see me!  Good night~

Saturday, December 29, 2012

[WEIBO] 12.29.2012 UPDATE

@CyndiWang: To lie inside the power car setting off to Chengdu! However, my head is aching...

[WEIBO] 12.29.2012 UPDATE

@CyndiWang: January 4, 2013. That day is not only the "Love or Not" album concert celebration but also on the same day is a revision day yeah, included are the 5 MV songs in the album and "Willful Lover" dance version oh! Try to be the first to see the cover!